Vimwiki is a personal wiki for Vim – interlinked, plain text files written in a markup language.


Publishing ideas


By default, a feature is enabled called Temporary Wiki that invokes vimwiki editing functionality on all files with a registered wiki extension. In my case, this conflicted with an existing binding of the - key, as defined by the vim-vinegar, among other eccentric behaviors that extended beyond the vimwiki environment and into all markdown files. Globals can be toggled off by adding let g:vimwiki_global_ext = 0 to .vimrc.

Key bindings



  • <Leader>ww - Open default wiki index file.
  • <Leader>wt - Open default wiki index file in a new tab.
  • <Leader>ws - Select and open wiki index file.
  • <Leader>wd - Delete wiki file you are in.
  • <Leader>wr - Rename wiki file you are in.


  • <Enter> - Follow/Create wiki link.
  • <Shift-Enter> - Split and follow/create wiki link.
  • <Ctrl-Enter> - Vertical split and follow/create wiki link.
  • <Backspace> - Go back to parent(previous) wiki link.
  • <Tab> - Find next wiki link.
  • <Shift-Tab> - Find previous wiki link.


  • <Leader>wi - Open diary index file of [count]‘s wiki
  • <Leader>w<Leader>w - Open diary wiki-file for today of the [count]‘s wiki

List manipulation

Todo lists

  • <C-Space> - Add checkbox to line / Toggle ‘done’
  • gl<Space> - Remove checkbox from current line
  • gL<Space> - Remove checkbox from current list
  • glx - Toggle ‘won’t do’

Numbered lists

  • glr - Renumber list items if the cursor is on a numbered list item

Key mappings

A dictionary that is used to enable/disable various key mapping groups. To disable a specific group set the value for the associated key to 0.

:help vimwiki_key_mappings